The school has a long-standing tradition of having volunteers help within the classroom; at sporting events, excursions, camps, fund-raising events, social events; and on committees. Essendon Primary School believes that volunteers add significantly to the human resources available to the school, and consequently volunteers deserve encouragement, effective management, support and recognition. Involvement in schools by parents and carers helps children achieve the best possible learning outcomes. Parents and carers can participate in school life, both formally through school council or more informally through volunteering. Volunteering opportunities cover things like assisting in the classroom with reading and mathematics, as a guest speaker, helping with school camps, excursions and incursions, with school events; and participation in environment committees and cultural groups.

School volunteer refers to a person whom without remuneration or reward voluntarily engages in assisting the school in student learning and wellbeing. Volunteers are also visitors to the school, and must comply with the School's Visitor Policy, including registration and health and safety requirements.  It is not suitable for small children to accompany the volunteer when carrying out 'school work'.  School work refers to providing any assistance in the work of the school or any activity carried out for the welfare of a school, authorised by the Principal, School Council, or any other body organised to promote the welfare of the school.

Where volunteers are within the staffing ratio, e.g., school camps and excursions they will fulfil the required role. Volunteers are required to carry out tasks in a manner consistent with all school policies, in particular the Child Safety Code of Conduct and Privacy and Visitor Policies.  Volunteers who undertake schoolwork on behalf of, and with the approval of the School Council, Principal or staff, are indemnified as to their personal liability in similar terms to teachers.

Essendon Primary School School Council requires that all volunteers participating in any child related activity must have a valid Working with Children's Card http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/home/ prior to participating in the event or activity  and must have signed our 'Child Safety Code of Conduct'.
* A photocopy of the card needs to be submitted to the office prior to helping in the classrooms. 
* All volunteers must sign in and out at the office using the Compass Kiosk before proceeding to their volunteer sites.
* All volunteers must present their sign in slip to the teacher.
* All Parent Volunteers who assist in the classroom must have completed the Essendon Primary School Parent Volunteers Training Session.
* Volunteers must NEVER BE LEFT ALONE WITH A STUDENT. They should always be in view of a staff member.

Essendon Primary School actively encourages parents, carers and grandparents to participate in school activities and will invite them to do so via the newsletter or email as well as informally through conversation and opportunity. Volunteers will be provided with support, professional development &/or instruction, to help them carry out their tasks at school in a supportive and effective manner.