Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning at Essendon Primary School encourages learners to inquire, communicate and innovate in an ever changing world. Essendon Primary School challenges students to become authentic learners who use evidence-based thinking skills to explore areas of personal interest within the following Victorian Curriculum areas and capabilities.

Health, Humanities, Technologies, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capabilities.

The focus is on 'how we know' rather than 'what we know', with students actively involved in the construction of their own knowledge through active involvement.

Inquiry Based Learning at EPS enables students to pose questions whilst being provided with the skills and resources necessary to explore, investigate and search for answers.

The aims of an Inquiry Learning Approach are to:
- Identify what they want to know and do.
- Formulate researchable questions.
- Locate information from a range of appropriate sources.
- Gather, sort and organise information.
- Present information in a variety of forms and modes.
- Reflect on what they have learnt and their role in the process.
- Think about and apply newly acquired information to new situations.
- Make a positive and tangible contribution to the community.
- Understand the connections between learning and real life.

Students will be provided with rich learning opportunities while activating their higher order thinking skills as sequentially developed in the Critical and Creative Thinking domain within the Victorian Curriculum and in line with Essendon Primary School’s Inquiry Scope and Sequence.

Ultimately, the importance of inquiry learning is that students become lifelong learners and learn how to continue learning.

High Order Thinking