Monday 16th July
First Day Term 3

Monday 27th August
5/6 Learning Community Writers Festival

Friday 20th July
1/2 Learning Community Sovereign Hill Excursion
3:30pm Friday Food Stall

Wednesday 29th August
5/6 Production at Clock Tower
9am Father's Day Stall
4:45-5:45pm Foundation Father’s Day Celebration

Friday 27th July
Foundation 100 days of School celebration
3:30pm Friday Food Stall

Monday 3rd September
School Review Validation Day

30th July to 1st August
Year 3/4 Camp

Friday 7th September
School Review Panel Day

Thursday 9th August
Australian Mathematics Competition
Foundation local visit to Menarock Aged Care

Saturday 8th September
2018 Trivia Night Fundraiser
7.30pm - Essendon Bowls Club

Friday 10th August
Year 4 Mathematics Games Day at Lowther Hall

Wednesday 19th September
Student Progress Parent Teacher Conferences

13th to 17th August
Science Week

Friday 21st September
Last Day of Term
2.30pm dismissal

Friday 17th August
EPS Athletics Day

Monday 8th October
First Day Term 4

20th to 24th August
Book Week