Homework is defined as any activity related to classroom curriculum and school learning which is completed outside of the classroom and regular school hours without the immediate and direct supervision of the teacher, but presumably under the jurisdiction of the home. Assignments and tasks should complement school instruction, reinforce the learning which takes place during school hours, and build effective study and work habits.

Essendon Primary School believes that mastering a skill or a process requires a fair amount of focused practice. While practising, students should adapt and shape what they have learned.  Homework benefits students by complementing classroom learning, fostering good study habits and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning.

Homework extends the learning opportunities for students to practice, review and apply knowledge.
For Practice 
Structured around highly familiar content for the student
Reinforcing a familiar skill
For Preparation
Preparing students for new content
For Elaboration
Having students elaborate on new knowledge

Homework will consist mainly of:
- independent reading on a daily basis
- reading activities to, with and by parents.
- simple practice, review or application tasks associated with classroom activities and lessons.
- gathering of additional information or materials
- tasks such as continuation of classroom work, projects and assignments, essays and research.
- It is acceptable for teachers to assign unfinished classroom activities as additional homework tasks.

Essendon Primary School supports the researched '10-minute rule', the widely accepted practice of assigning 10 minutes of homework per day per grade-level. For example, under this system, 1st grade students receive 10 minutes of homework per night, while 5th graders would get 50 minutes'. With half of this time dedicated to reading independently.