Curriculum Framework

The core objective of Essendon Primary School is to develop students to be curious and creative problem solvers and responsible global citizens. Essendon Primary School seeks empower all students to follow their passions and thrive in a dynamic world and to provide an education that engages, challenges and supports students to be the best they can be in a safe, inclusive, and sustainable environment. Our purpose is to support student learning through the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum across all year levels and to ensure Essendon Primary School complies with DET policy and guidelines in relation to its curriculum framework.

The content of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 includes both knowledge and skills defined by learning areas and capabilities. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills that are required by all students for work and life: Literacy, Numeracy, Scientific knowledge and skills (STEM), resilience, respectful relationships, the use of digital technologies and the capacity for critical and creative thinking and expression. Essendon Primary School recognises and responds to diverse student needs when developing our curriculum programs and plans. This curriculum design assumes that knowledge and skills are transferrable across learning areas and capabilities. The Department provides resources and support to assist regions and schools in implementing the Victorian Curriculum F-10 including advice on: Curriculum Planning Assessment and Reporting.

At Foundation to Year 2 the focus is on core subjects English, Mathematics, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Science and Personal and Social Capabilities. The focus is then broadened to ensure that in Years 3 - 6, student learning will include each of the core curriculum areas, with an emphasis on English, Mathematics and Science. The teaching and learning program is the school-based plan for delivering this common set of knowledge and skills in ways that best utilise local resources, expertise and contexts.

Curriculum initiatives at Essendon Primary School include the InitiaLit synthetic phonics program at Foundation and MacqLit and MiniLit phonics intervention programs from Years 1 to 6. Teachers develop and monitor strategic developmental personalised goal programs for Numeracy and Literacy (Maths Masters and Writing Master). We use the Zones of Regulation as a whole-school approach to emotional regulation and developing calming strategies. In addition to the comprehensive classroom programs offered in Literacy and Numeracy, an integrated Inquiry Learning program provides authentic links to the curriculum areas of Humanities/History, Technologies/Design Technology and Civics and Citizenship. These curriculum areas are also cross referenced with the literacy program to provide an authentic context to the content. Teaching and learning teams across levels ensure scope and sequence and curriculum coverage is monitored across the school.

Specialist teachers provide instruction in STEM, Health and Physical Education, Languages other than English (Japanese) and Visual Arts. Interdisciplinary, personal and social learning are addressed within these curriculum areas and supported by a range of camps and excursion initiatives. The school is an active participant in district sport competitions as well as providing opportunities for students to participate in instrumental music, Chess Club, Maths Club, the Green Team - student sustainability leaders, Student Representative Council.

Preparing young people for the transition from school into further learning and career pathways is a critical element in Essendon Primary School's program.