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We had fantastic first day and start to the school year, in spite of the rain. Our new Foundation students settled in very quickly and very well. They had a chance to explore their space but were very disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to go outside to play. We had a wonderful turn out of Foundation parents joining us to celebrate this milestone and to start to connect with other parents and families. Thank you to all who attended and to our School Council members who came along to show our hospitality.  This always helps our new parents feel welcome in their new school.

The Foundation students have now been at school for 2 weeks and are well settled in to the routine of the school day.  A lot of this can be attributed to the Essendon Primary School Prep Buddy program, which has been an important part of the Foundation students’ successful transition.  It is equally as significant and exciting for the year 5 students who have all very proudly taken on this responsibility and have been very caring and supportive with their charge during buddy activities and in the yard.   We have often seen a year 5 student assist and console their Foundation buddy if they have misplaced their hat, taken a fall, have lost sight of their friend or don’t quite know where to go for specialist classes.  It has been a brilliant start to the school year for all students, but especially our Foundation and Year 5 students. 

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new families who join us this year and a big welcome back to our ongoing students, their families and our staff.  We look forward to another year of working together to ensure our school provides the best opportunities possible for each of our students.