Performing Arts

Music and drama are unique and expressive forms of communicative art that engage students in critical and creative thinking. They provide students with the opportunity to perform for their peers and families, developing confidence and a broad skill set for the future. In respect of less academically gifted students, research indicates that an effective music specialist program not only helps them improve results in other areas of the school curriculum but also gives them an opportunity to shine and achieve recognition and greater self-esteem through success in music and performance. In respect of gifted and talented students music education has the potential to provide an engaging and challenging dimension to their experience of school.

The Performing Arts program at Essendon Primary School aims to:
Expose students to a diverse array of music styles, eras and cultures
Increase students’ general knowledge of music and instruments
Encourage and extend an individual’s talent and ability
Provide each student with a positive experience when participating in music making.
Educate students in the correct playing technique and handling of tuned and untuned percussion instruments
Expose students to performance techniques and genres
Increase students’ general knowledge of performance skills
Provide each student with a positive experience in drama.

Each class has one performing arts lesson per week. Students in Grades 3-6 are offered the opportunity to participate in the school choir. The choir rehearses weekly at lunchtime to improve their choral singing skills and develop a repertoire of performance pieces. Students in Grade 5 -6 are offered the opportunity to participate in the school rock band, African drumming group, and ukulele ensemble. These groups meet and rehearse weekly at lunchtime. (Monday: rock band, Tuesday: choir, Wednesday: African drumming group, Thursday, ukulele ensemble.)

All students will participate in creating and making music and performances based upon the learning foci contained within the Victorian Curriculum. Our music room is stocked with percussion and other instruments to give students exposure to playing a variety of instruments. Performance opportunities are an important facet of the Performing Arts program and students will be provided with a variety of possibilities for taking part in performance e.g. choir, rock band, solo or group instrumental performances, and whole class performances.

Essendon Primary School offers private instrumental music tuition to students whose parents wish to pay for the service. These lessons are run by an external provider, Creative Music in Schools.