Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (S.R.C.) is a group of students elected by their fellow students to represent them in the school. The S.R.C. works democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making and organise ways for students to participate in school life. The S.R.C. provides a voice for our student body to raise suggestions or concerns and to in turn be consulted.

Representatives are elected by their peers each year. Grade 5/6 classes are represented by their house captains. The house captains are elected by their peers using a rigorous selection process where students first nominate and then present a speech, expressing their suitability for the role. Foundation to Grade 4 students hold a class vote to elect two representatives.

The role of S.R.C. members is to promote the views of students and to encourage students to become actively involved in the school. As a multi-age forum, students learn to listen to and respect the opinions and points of view of older or younger students. Students can have their say on a wide variety of issues, generated either by the school or by the student body. One specific example is of a student who raised the possibility of holding lunchtime clubs to help promote social play. The S.R.C. workshopped the idea, sought feedback from the student body and then implemented the recommendations in conjunction with staff.

The S.R.C. provides excellent leadership opportunities. S.R.C. representatives are involved in speech writing and public speaking. They seek feedback from their peers and make decisions on their behalf. House captains are responsible for running school assemblies, with assembly preparation undertaken during S.R.C. meetings. School leadership also seek the S.R.C.s support in promoting whole school events such as the Walk to School campaign and Athletics Day.

S.R.C. membership is highly valued by the student body. Representatives are proud of their badge and their role.  This builds stronger relationships between staff and students whilst fostering leadership skills and promoting a positive school culture.