Philosophy Statement

Our vision is 'To empower all students to thrive in a dynamic world.'
Our mission is 'To provide an education that engages, challenges and supports students to be the best they can be.'
Our objective is 'To develop students to be curious, creative, critical thinkers and responsible global citizens.'

Our school operates by asking a fundamental question 'Is this work or process in line with the school vision, mission and values?'  This question guides and directs the practice of all leaders in the school, ensuring the best outcome for all.

Our school vision provides the focal point for all of our goals, practices and expected outcomes. Regular evaluation processes are in place to measure performance in all areas of the school. All documentation will reflect the set of practices of the school. This includes organisational structures, teaching and learning practices and programs, internal and external interactions, School Council and community programs.

Our belief that all students can achieve high standards informs nearly everything about the way we approach education.  An organised structure of attributes, principles and understandings expressed in the design of our curriculum amplifies the possibilities for long-range planning, short term preparation and clear communication. Our highly skilled staff provide programs based upon team curriculum design, authoritative research and theories, school priorities and most importantly individual student needs.

The programs of, and teaching in, the school will support and promote the principles and practices of Australian democracy including a commitment to:

*   An elected government.
*   The rule of law.
*   Equal rights for all before the law.
*   Freedom of religion.
*   Freedom of speech and association.
*   The values of openness and acceptance of differences and diversity.

Our values are achievement, respect and responsibility

Our school values have been aligned with the Essendon Primary School Positive Behaviour Matrix and developed using the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Framework. The Matrix provides a consistent guide for students in how they interact positively in a range of different contexts.

Our values are demonstrated in our community when:
*   Students learn in a positive, caring environment and are encouraged to become self-motivated lifelong learners
*   Diversity is seen as enriching our school and is valued and respected
*   Partnerships between students, staff, parents and the wider community are fostered and valued
*   Students are encouraged to work cooperatively and collaboratively with their peers and other members of the school community, and to be active responsible citizens
*   Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour
*   All community members are working towards a shared goal
*   Students and staff demonstrate resilience in the face of obstacles or challenges.

Our Start-Up programs at the beginning of each year focus strongly on our behavioural and academic expectations. This enables us to create a community of learners who have shared goals and expectations of themselves and others.