Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program focuses on developing expressive, creative and communicative forms that engage students in critical and creative thinking and help them to understand themselves and the world.  The Visual Arts program plays a pivotal role socially and culturally. It encourage the development of skills and the exploration of technologies, forms and processes through single and multimodal forms. Visual Arts fuel the exploration of ideas that cross the gamut of human emotions and moods through holistic learning using cognitive, emotional, sensory, aesthetic, kinaesthetic and physical fields.

The Visual Arts Program at Essendon Primary School aims to:
Encourage students to create and critically explore visual culture. Provide a vehicle for confronting and exploring new ideas and inspire passionate exploration of ideas and the resultant products.
Provide learning opportunities that allows students to communicate their perceptions, observations and understanding of structures, functions and concepts drawn from other areas of the curriculum.
Promote a program that reflects cultural diversity and the vast growth in information and communications technology that has made arts forms increasingly visual. Foster the importance of imagination and creativity.
Promote Art as essential to our wellbeing. Use Art as a medium to create and enhance our experiences in the creating, making, presenting and responding process.
Provide each student with a positive experience with all mediums that we use, Support students to work individually or collaboratively on projects for display in the school and the wider community or for them to take home.

Each class has one hour of Visual Art per week. Each grade from P- 6 has the opportunity and be exposed to the Art Areas of Drawing, Painting, Construction, Printing, Threads & Textiles, Media and Modelling, using a variety of materials and techniques.

"Crafty Arty Party" is held in the Art Room at a lunchtime when students have the freedom to make, draw and construct whatever they can imagine! The Art Room will also be open at lunchtime for students to complete or continue projects they are keen to work on.