Strategic Reports & Plans

As part of the Improvement Cycle, Victorian government schools undertake a review, every four years to provide an independent analysis of the school's performance against the goals and targets in their school strategic plan and to create a self-sustaining cycle to improve student outcomes in the future. 2018 is the year of our School Review. We are currently in the process of preparing our Pre-review School Self-evaluation which evaluates the school's improvement efforts by drawing together evidence of the school's performance against the previous School Strategic Plan along with feedback from members of the school community.

The School Review Panel refers to the Pre-review School Self-evaluation and evaluates the school's performance against its previous School Strategic Plan and investigates particular areas of focus in order to inform the development of the school's next strategic plan and determine the improvement goals for the next four-year cycle.

2015-2018 School Strategic Plan

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Implementation Plan

2017 Annual Report

2018 Annual Implementation Plan