Strategic Reports & Plans

As part of the Improvement Cycle, Victorian government schools undertake a review, every four years to provide an independent analysis of the school's performance against the goals and targets in their school strategic plan and to create a self-sustaining cycle to improve student outcomes in the future. 2018 was the year of our School Review. The review process was rigorous and helped to identify the right areas of focus for the next strategic period. In Term 4, as a result of the outcome of the Review process, time was spent with staff to unpack the Vision, Mission and Objectives statement and to identify priority areas for future Annual Implementation Plans.

Through this rigorous process we were able to identify the Dimensions in the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) that are strengths and areas of focus.

Strengths identified include:
* Strategic resource management is aligned with our Annual Implementation Plan and teacher Professional Development Plans.
* The Essendon Primary School Vision, Mission and Values statements have been identified and the school is beginning to embed them in our daily practice.
* Essendon Primary School has a strong culture of collaboration, building trust and a collective belief and commitment that all students achieve 12 months growth in 12 months.
* Pedagogy coaches provide whole school evidence based professional learning and work closely with PLT supporting teachers.
* Leadership provides ongoing opportunities for staff professional development and promoting potential leaders. Leadership supports the PLC Inquiry Cycle of improvement by allocating time and resources.
* The Assistant Principal and staff work closely to implement strategies in addressing barriers that impact student engagement. Crisis plans are created and are implemented to support those 'at risk'. The Assistant Principal and staff are highly supportive of student well-being.
* The Positive Behaviour Support program has a dedicated Professional Learning Team. The Essendon Primary School Behaviour Matrix has been reviewed and reflects the Essendon Primary School learning environment. All teachers contribute to maintaining a safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment.
* Essendon Primary School is seen as a community resource being a base for programs such as soccer, netball teams, Out of School Hours Care. We have established links and partnerships with many community members and groups.

Considerations for 2021 include:
1. DET Priorities in response to COVID restrictions

Learning, catch-up and extension priority-

Implement the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) to establish a targeted support program for students
Implement MiniLit & MacqLit intervention programs across the school

Happy, active and healthy kids priority-
Strengthen and embed the whole school approaches to School Wide Positive Behaviour Support, Restorative Practices, Circle Time, Zones of Regulation and Respectful Relationships

Connected schools priority-
Strengthen and embed the school-wide approach to communication with parents and carers, incorporating the new ways in which schools connected during remote and flexible learning.
Strengthen engagement in regional and network communities of practice

2. Enhance the use of the guaranteed and viable curriculum.
Develop High Impact Teaching Strategies, particularly setting goals & writing success indicators
Strengthen the implementation of the Writers Workshop model across the school
Review and enhance current essential goals for writing against Victorian Curriculum Standards
Develop success indicators and common assessment tasks for each of the essential writing goals levels Foundation to level 8

We are currently in the process of implementing the third Annual Implementation Plan (2020 AIP) of the 2018-2022 School Strategic Plan.

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