First Aid

Health Care Needs Policy
In order to provide appropriate support to students at Essendon Primary School who may need medical care or assistance, a Student Health Support Plan will be prepared by Student Well-being Coordinator and First-Aid Coordinator in consultation with the student, their parents, carers and treating medical practitioners.

First Aid Policy
First aid is the first assistance given to someone who is injured and needs help. The care provided is intended to prevent conditions from becoming worse.  From time-to-time school staff may need to administer first aid to students at school or school activities.   Parents/carers should be aware that the goal of first aid is not to diagnose or treat a condition.  If children become unwell or have an injury while at school, they are cared for in the first aid room by first aid trained staff until contact can be made with parents/carers.  In cases of extreme emergency, the school will call an ambulance at the cost of the parents.

Administration Medication Policy
If a student requires medication, parents are encouraged to arrange for the medication to be taken outside of school hours. However, the school understands that this is not always possible. If a student needs to take medication while at school or at a school activity parents/carers will need to arrange for the student's treating medical/health practitioner to provide written advice for the school on a Medication Authority Form.

Asthma Policy
If a student diagnosed with asthma enrols at the school, the parents/carers must provide the school with an Asthma Action Plan which has been completed by the student's medical practitioner. Parents/carers should also provide a photo of the student to be included. School staff may also work with parents/carers to develop a Student Health Support Plan detailing how the school will provide support for the student

Anaphylaxis Policy
All students at Essendon Primary who are diagnosed by a medical practitioner as being at risk of suffering from an anaphylactic reaction must have an Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan.  Where necessary, an Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan will be in place as soon as practicable after a student enrols at Essendon Primary and where possible, before the student's first day.

A student's Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis or if there is an identified and significant increase in the student's potential risk of exposure to allergens at school in consultation with the student's parents/carers.

Head Lice Policy
Head lice occurs in all schools and are always a source of frustration to families. Parents/Carers are urged to make regular inspections of their child's hair. When live head lice are found, children are NOT permitted to return to school until treatment has been completed. Parents/carers should notify the school if their child has head lice so that other families can be notified to check their children's hair. be sent home to all children in that room to have them checked.  This is confidential and your child will not be identified.

Infectious Diseases Policy
Children are required to provide the school with an Immunisation Certificate upon enrolment.  Some illnesses require children to be kept at home whilst infectious. If a child has been diagnosed with an infectious disease the school must be notified notify straight away and the child remain at home for the exclusion period.  This information can be found on the Department of Health website under the schools' exclusion table: