Health, Sport & PE

Physical Education plays an important part in a child’s Education. Not only does it provide physical benefits such as improved strength, endurance, fine and gross motor skills, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, it also provides a range of social and moral benefits. When delivered effectively, students have the opportunity to cooperate with others, problem solve, question actions, assume leadership and accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

The Physical Education program at Essendon Primary School aims to:
Provide programs that build on and refine fundamental motor skills in the early years.
Expose students to a variety of games and sports, utilising different skills and movement sequences.
Increase students general knowledge of spatial awareness and tactical play.
Encourage and extend each students talents and abilities within sport.
Provide a positive experience for each student during physical activity, building on self-esteem and confidence.
Use space and a range of equipment safely and responsibly.
Promote the importance of resilience and perseverance.
Foster the importance of teamwork, responsibility and encouragement.
Provide various lunchtime activities, both competitive and noncompetitive.
Provide customised programs to support a range of student interests and abilities within the 5/6 Inter-school sports events.
Support gifted and talented students within the area of sport, through the promotion of District trials.

Each class is allocated one PE session per week. Foundation to Grade 2 will be exploring different actions of the body and fine-tuning their motor skills. They will also be looking at the contribution of rules and procedures in games that help ensure safety and enjoyment.
Grades 3-6 focus on extending their physical development and knowledge of sports through Summer and Winter units. Students in Grade 5/6 will have the opportunity to participate in Interschool Sports and Gala Days in Terms 1 and 2, and trial for District events.
Other events held throughout the year include: District Swimming, Cross Country and the Athletics Carnival. A junior sports Carnival is held on school grounds for Foundation to Year 2 students on the same day as the upper school Athletics Carnival at Abberfeldie Athletices Track.
As there are many events coordinated throughout the year parent volunteers to assist with programs are always greatly appreciated.