Learning Structure

Year level cohorts are referred to as Learning Communities and the group of 3 teachers and classes in a Learning Community are referred to as Learning PODs.
The Foundation Learning Community, because only 3 classes is also a Learning POD with the learning managed by Vicky, Tanya & Steve.
The 1/2 Learning Community includes Rochelle's Learning POD with Rochelle, Samantha B & Tahlia, and Tom's Learning POD with Tom, Elle & Nicole.
3/4 Learning Community (LC) includes Alysse's Learning POD with Alysse, Jill & Tristen and Amira's Learning POD with Amira, Aaron & Monique.
5/6 Learning Community (LC) includes Shannon's Learning POD with Shannon, Nick & Grace and Samantha's Learning POD with Samantha, Louie & Bree.

Specialist Programs
Science, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, L.O.T.E. Japanese and Sport/Physical Education.

Support Programs
 Literacy and Numeracy Intervention, THRASS and Maths Masters

Extra-Curricular Activities
Extra-curricular and extension activities we have implemented in previous years to provide a rich learning environment and challenging educational opportunities have included: An opportunity for students to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition, Maths Olympiad, MAV Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6 Maths Games Days, Write for Fun and McKellar Writing Competitions; Year 5/6 Interschool Sports and Production; as well as an after-school and holiday program Coding Club; Creative Music Instrumental program and concerts; lunchtime Chess Club and Choir. Whole school special events have included our annual Cultural Diversity Day, Australian National Science Week, Athletics Day, the End of Year Concert, the EPS Book Fair and Book Parade and the EPS Art Show 'I believe I Can Fly'.